10 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound – Symptoms and Fetus Development

Can you believe how fast the time flies and it’s been 10 weeks since you got pregnant? It feels just like yesterday you found out that you are going to be a mommy. Things are moving pretty quickly, even if it doesn’t seem so at first. But here you are, almost at the end of your first trimester. You should start thinking of telling people about the arrival of your new family member. A lot of women wait until the end of their first trimester, once their pregnancy is “out of the woods.”

Fetus development at the 10th-week ultrasound

Anyway, let’s get to the point and explain what you’ll see in the 10-week ultrasound. This week your baby is the size of a small strawberry. It seems that every week your baby can be compared to a fruit :D. The point is that he/she is more significant and bigger, as it should be. Your baby having the right measurements is very important. That way your doctor can adequately follow early development.

Now, for a better perspective, you may want to take a ruler and see how 2 mm look because that is your baby’s feet length. Remember that when he or she grows taller than you:). The neck is starting to form this week. The ears and nose can be seen now, and the jaws are in place. Believe it or not, they already contain your baby’s future milk teeth. Another amazing fact is that, despite the tiny size of the fingers, the fingerprints are already evident in the skin.

The 10th week is also the time when your baby’s nipples and hair follicles begin to form. The baby already has peachy, fuzzy hair all around the skin. That is rather cute :D. Another essential aspect happening this week is gender assignment. Up until now, the fetal reproductive system was the same for both sexes, but this week, testicles or ovaries start to form.

Another exciting news is that the baby starts to shift. Of course, you cannot feel that yet because your baby still has a lot of room to do so, but if you schedule a 10-week ultrasound, you may catch him/her wagging around.

Pregnancy evolution at week 10

But what happens to you this week? Well, your uterus is the size of a grapefruit. You may be able to feel it above the middle of your pubic bone. You will feel bloated, but that is a sign that your baby is growing big and strong. After all, that’s all you wish for.

Now it may be a great time to do some research. You may want to make a list of all the questions you have for your midwife. You can schedule a ten-week ultrasound. If you are looking for a more significant place, remember that you don’t want to be carrying boxes around your due date. Planning can never start too early. Time passes by like crazy before you know the 11th week is on.

A lot of women experience anxiety around this stage in their pregnancy. They worry about a lot of things, their life-changing, the baby’s health, the bigger house, and whatnot. But they overcome this, and then they wonder why they worried in the first place. I tell you this because I want to assure you that everything is going to be alright. You don’t need to fill your head with nonsense. Calm down, exercise a bit, take a walk, anything that will soothe you. It is crucial that you stay calm, for your baby’s well-being, as well for yours.

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