14 Week Ultrasound – Pregnancy Symptoms and Fetus Development

It’s now time to talk about the 14 week ultrasound, so how is the second trimester treating you? I hope that it is better than when you were in the first trimester. Theoretically, it should, but as I said before, each woman is different and may experience pregnancy otherwise. These are not rules set in stone. After all, this is the human body we are talking about. There aren’t two alike.

Fetus development seen on the 14 week ultrasoundWhat a great coincidence it would be if you were eating a banana right now because your baby is now about half of it :D. It measures 3 and a half inches (9 mm) and weighs about 1 and a half ounces (45 grams). He or she has grown a lot since last week. But then again, it’s not like the baby has anything better to do.

Have you seen your baby yet? I have a hard time believing that you haven’t, but if you didn’t, you should schedule the 14 week ultrasound. And boy, what a view will that be. By this time your baby is taking a more human form, so to speak. In the past weeks, your baby has developed into a more human being form, but that doesn’t mean he or she is done. There are still a few details that are in full development, such as the bones. The process of calcifying has begun a little while ago, but it will continue throughout the entire pregnancy, and even after birth.

Of course, if you have already had an ultrasound recently you can search online for videos or images that depict a week 14 ultrasound. You just have to do a google search. These things are easy to find. A lot of women have an ultrasound at 14 weeks and choose to post the photos on social media or anywhere else. As much as you would like, you cannot have an ultrasound every single week, so this comes in handy.

Fetus development at 14 weeks ultrasound

Another thing that happens at this moment in your pregnancy is that the eyes are slowly moving towards the center of your baby’s face. He or she still has that alien-like appearance :P, but will soon become the cute little baby you are waiting for. The nose is now more pronounced and the ears are fully developed. A lot of parents-to-be talk to their babies, and sometimes they respond by calming down. That’s something that comes in handy when your baby is bigger and playing football with your internal organs.

The baby’s first hair is appearing and will soon have eyebrows. Of course, because of all that water in the uterus, the skin must be protected, which is why the baby’s entire body is covered with fine hair (otherwise known as lanugo). This fine hair will continue to grow until week 26, but don’t think you will give birth to a tiny, cute Yeti  🙂 . This hair is usually shed before birth.

Given the fact that almost all the baby’s organs are properly functioning, the kidneys start to produce urine. This is very important, as through urine the body releases the surplus toxins. Also, if your baby is a girl, her ovaries are migrating down towards the pelvis. But if your baby is a boy, his prostate gland is developing.

Even if nobody can see him/her, your baby is already making funny faces. The brain is very busy and because of its impulses, your baby will squint, grimace or even make a frowny face. It’s a real workout for the face muscles. He or she will be using these new abilities on you pretty soon :D.

Pregnancy Symptoms at 14 weeks

As for you, you may start to have baby brain or pregnant brain. Either way, you may start to feel forgetful and clumsy. It is natural, but you must be careful. You don’t want to let the stove on and take a nap. If you have a bad case of the pregnant brain, which can happen, try to stay around people as much as possible.

You can also come up against other bizarre experiences, such as sudden nosebleeds or snoring. It’s not something serious, but if the nosebleeds persist you should speak to your doctor about it. And the snoring….well, let your partner deal with that :P.

Whenever you watched a movie with pregnant women, there was always one who craved something impossible to get at a crazy hour in the night. It’s not really like that in real life. I mean you begin to have cravings, but it’s a myth that you should give in anything your brain thinks about. It’s not true that you are eating for two. If you eat well, healthy, your baby will be just fine. But nobody will comment if they see you eating salty popcorn with bitter chocolate. The important thing is to not eat excessively.

It may also be the time you think about baby names. You and your partner can make lists for both genders. Word of advice, do not involve your relatives in this. Everyone has that crazy aunt who wants your baby to be named after some berry no one ever heard about. Keep to yourself and your partner. After all, it’s your baby. Continue reading our articles to see the symptoms that will follow in the week 15.

Frequently asked questions about the 14 week pregnancy ultrasound

Do you show at 14 weeks pregnant?

At 14 weeks your belly starts to grow. The growth is barely visible and it is possible you would be the only one able to tell.

What is going on at 14 weeks pregnant?

At this time, the baby starts to develop the eyes and some other characteristics as described above in the article.

Can you tell gender from the 14 weeks ultrasound scan?

Yes, in the second trimester the doctor can see if the fetus is a boy or a girl.

Gender reveal at the 14 weeks ultrasound

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