24 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound – Symptoms and Fetus Development

Hey mommy, how is your bump? 24 weeks pregnant is some kind of milestone in your pregnancy as from now on all babies are considered viable. A baby born at 24 weeks has a real shot of surviving. 36% of the babies born at 24 weeks survive. But let’s hope you don’t have to worry about that. If you are wondering how many months is 24 weeks, the answer is 5 and a half. I’ve seen this question online quite often, for every week actually. Women wonder, but you should know that there are calculators that can tell you all these things, like fetal age (which does not concur with your weeks of pregnancy; for example, 24 weeks pregnant is 22 weeks in fetal age). Look it up if you consider it helpful.

Fetus development at week 24

On a much brighter note, a 24-week fetus is about a foot long (12 inches/30 cm). To get a clearer picture you can look at an ear of corn. Your baby is that big. As for the weight, a fetus at 24 weeks is approximately 1.3 ounces (600 grams). From this point on your baby will gain about 3 ounces a week. He or she must grow big and strong for when the time comes to be delivered into this world.

There are not a lot of changes at this point. A 24 weeks fetus is almost fully developed. All he or she has to do is grow. However, there are a few very subtle changes. The lungs, although already fully formed, start to mature so they can breathe actual air rather than fluid. They develop branches in the respiratory tree and cells that produce surfactant, a substance that helps the air sacs inflate easily. This is the same substance that helps our lungs not to collapse. The more you know.

The organs in your baby’s ear are starting to further develop so they can properly distinguish sounds. Most of these sounds are your own heartbeat and voice, but still.

Your baby’s face now looks like a newborn’s face. The transformation is complete. His or her face now has eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair. It is still white because of the lack of pigments, but this will change real soon. If you have a 24-week ultrasound the baby’s eyelids are easy to spot since they can be seen quite clearly.

Here’s a piece of information that you may find funny: every time you drink something that tastes bitter your baby can feel it too and may show distaste.  This is because your baby’s taste buds are now functional.

Also, little creases have appeared on your baby’s palms and the muscular coordination of his or her hands has suffered a major improvement. Believe it or not, the coordination improvement is due to one of the baby’s favorite activities, the sucking of his/her thumb.

Pregnancy symptoms at the 24 week

As for you mommy, your bump should get bigger and bigger. As a result, you may sometimes feel a bit unsteady on your feet. Don’t worry, it is completely natural. Your center of gravity shifts and you need some time to adjust. You should avoid getting up quickly. I truly hope that pregnancy at 24 weeks treats you well.

Some women experience some dental issues during their pregnancy, such as bleeding gums and sensitivity. You should not ignore these problems since they may result in teeth loss. There is an old wives’ tale which says that you lose a tooth for every baby, but this is not true. Not at this age. Take advantage of your dental care and fix everything that needs to be fixed. Don’t let things get complicated.

I told you in previous posts that you should stay active. This still applies. It is very important for you. You can try some yoga, pilates or swimming. This will help you keep fit and will have a huge impact on your delivery coping mechanism. So get busy!

As always, take care of yourself and the bump!

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