9 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound – Symptoms and Fetus Development

Welcome to our 9 weeks ultrasound article, just a little bit and you’ll be in the first trimester of the pregnancy. Just like a little flower is growing at a swift pace, so is your baby growing in your womb. You must become very impatient to see it. Or at least feel it. But, you must comfort yourself with the thought that he/she is growing strong every day. This week is a lot bigger than the last one. Your baby must be up to 30 mm. Just to put it in a better perspective, think of an olive, or a macadamia nut.

Do you remember how I told you in a previous post that the baby’s hands and legs resemble small buds? Well, on week 9 the fingers and toes will already be defined. Of course, they are still joined by webs of skin, but the webs will soon disappear.

Fetus development at 9 weeks ultrasound

If you search ultrasound scans or animations online on how a baby looks at 5 to 7 weeks, you will notice that the face has a weird look, with the crates instead of eyes and the upper lip split in half. Well, this week, the baby’s upper mouth, together with the nose tip, is being formed. Step by step, your baby is starting to look like a human being.

The 9th  week is also the time in which the tongue and larynx are being formed. When your child is about 14 years old, and he/she talks back to you, stepping on your nerves, remember that it only took nine weeks for that to be possible. I kid, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Even if your baby’s eyes don’t open until week 26, the eyelids are being formed sometime this week.

Your patience will be rewarded this week. From the very moment you found out that you would be a mommy, you couldn’t wait to see your baby or at least hear the heartbeat. Up until now, there is a good chance you couldn’t see or hear your baby’s heart, but this week your chances are growing considerably. You can schedule a 9 week ultrasound and hear the sound of your baby’s heart. Since the main construction of the heart is complete, it beats a lot stronger and can be easily picked up by ultrasound. For your nine-week ultrasound I highly recommend a Doppler, its performance is a lot better than your usual ultrasound. BUT, if your ultrasound technician cannot find a heartbeat, don’t panic. The search for a heartbeat depends a lot on the baby’s position in the uterus.

Speaking of the main organs, your baby’s brain is getting bigger and bigger, which is why the head will appear a lot bigger than the body. It seems that, for now, the body cannot keep up. The brain’s new size opens the possibility for brain wave measurement. But don’t worry, in a little while your baby will become well proportioned.

Symptoms for week 9 of pregnancy

The other day I saw a video depicting a 9-week ultrasound, and the baby moved during the procedure. It makes sense, since the baby’s organs, nerves, and muscles start to function this week properly, but still, that was one lucky mommy. To see your baby move so early must be a true blessing. Your baby is moving too at this point, but because he/she is very small, you will not be able to feel it yet. It has a lot of room, for now at least.

You will feel some differences around this time too. Your wardrobe may fall short in the pants area. Those you have must start to feel slightly uncomfortable, even if you do not have a baby bump yet. You must buy new ones, I recommend something more flexible, like jeggings or leggings. Whatever makes you happy. Also, your breast must start to feel a bit sore, so I recommend you forget the push-up bras for a while. You may do whatever you choose, but it is essential that you feel comfortable. You will have other things to worry about, your boobs suffocating you should be the last thing on your mind. Just a little bit and you’ll be in week 10, so good luck.

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