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Dream On Me designs and manufactures products for newborns. The company is known for its good customer service and guaranteed customer satisfaction. The most popular products that it offers are cribs, beds, changing tables, cradles, chests, gliders, strollers, bassinets, walkers, mattresses, high chairs, beddings, and many more. The most popular product sold by Dream On Me is their convertible baby crib.

Installation and Review of the 5 in 1 Crib

They currently offer over twenty models of convertible cribs. All the cribs are of high quality and pass every safety standard, being one of the most secure places where you can leave your child. Many of their convertible cribs are even included in the list with the best cribs by most reviewers. The high-quality of their products made expert buyers recommend their cribs. The most popular is the Dream On Me Classic 2 in 1 crib, Violet 7 in 1 Convertible Crib, Liberty Convertible Crib, Addison, Ashton, and Aden.

Best Convertible Dream On Me Cribs

Classic Crib by Dream On Me

The Dream on Me Classic 2 in 1 crib is one of its most affordable convertible cribs. You can adjust the mattress platform on three levels, which is ideal as the baby grows. We can easily convert the crib into a toddler bed /day bed. It does not include the toddler rails in the package, but you can attach any standard rail.

It has stationary rails and a non-toxic finish, which is very safe for every child. The crib can be easily moved because of its wheels, but we can lock these wheels, which adds extra safety. This Dream On Me crib offers quality and special features despite its cheap price. The Dream On Me crib was included in our convertible cribs guide.

Violet Convertible Crib

The Violet Convertible Life Style is a seven in one crib which can be converted into a toddler bed, day bed, youth bed, and full-size bed. They make it of pine wood, which gives the crib its durability. It comes with four adjustable levels for the mattress. Many parents choose this model because it can adapt to their children’s needs as they grow older. It is available in non-toxic finish and complies with the CPSC standards.

Mini Cribs Reviews

The Addison Convertible Crib is available as 4 in 1 mini crib and 4 in 1 convertible crib with storage. The mini crib has a 3-position mattress and fits a portable size mattress. It is made of pinewood, which is a very durable solid wood material. Once the baby grows, the crib can be converted into a toddler/day bed, a youth bed and a twin bed. The convertible crib with storage can also be transformed into a toddler bed, day bed and full-size bed.

This crib has 4 adjustable levels or positions for its mattress. Unlike the mini crib, this can fit a standard size mattress. An additional feature is the storage drawer beneath the crib which is convenient for storing baby stuff. Both of the two designs of the Addison Convertible Crib are safe, stylish, elegant and durable.

The Ashton model is a 5 in 1 baby crib, which transitions into a daybed, toddler bed, and full-size bed. It features a 5 position mattress support and a stationary non-drop rail design. It is made of solid wood and can easily be assembled. The crib is stylish, durable, safe and very convenient to use.

The Aden Crib is a convertible 3 in 1 crib which suits the needs of the child from infancy, childhood, and adulthood. The crib can transition into toddler/day bed and twin size bed.  It has three adjustable mattress positions, which make it easier to carry the baby in and out of the crib.

Its stationary non-drop side rail complies with the CPSC standard, which ensures product safety. This product is known because it is lightweight yet sturdy. They also design the product to coordinate with the styles of the company’s changing tables and dressers.

The newest model of Dream On Me convertible crib is the Charlotte 5 in 1 convertible crib. This model can easily blend to any nursery decors because of its elegant design. It can also convert into a toddler bed, day bed, full-size headboard, and footboard. A standard size mattress can fit this crib.

A child will eventually outgrow his crib so it is important to pick a convertible crib that can outlast the child’s growing needs. The durability of the product is important to ensure that it will remain stable and sturdy once the product is transitioned into another bed. Most importantly, the crib should be guaranteed safe and must comply with safety standards.

There are still a lot of convertible cribs available from Dream On Me that offer the same quality and elegant designs. One of the main competitors, its Sorelle. It gives buyers more than what they have paid for because of its product features and affordability. Dream On Me cribs is also safe for babies because all of its products meet all applicable ASTM and CPSC standards.

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